Terms and Conditions

The Members of the Association have rights to:

  • apply to the governing bodies of the Association with any questions related with its activity;
  • take part in the Association decision-making process;
  • use services provided by the Association;
  • retrieve information about Association’s activity;
  • request the Association management bodies for information on implementation status of decisions made at the General meeting of the Association members decision implementing and the member’s proposals;
  • propose items for the agenda of General meetings of the Association members;
  • take part in activities of the thematic commissions and committees;
  • use analytical materials, provided by the Association;
  • use knowledgebase of the Association, services provided by the Association's products and services, enjoy priority right to participate in events organized by the Association.

The Members of the Association are obliged to:

  • comply with the requirements of the Charter, guidelines, instructions, regulations and other acts adopted by General meeting of the Association members and the Board of the Association;
  • be directly involved in the fulfillment of the Association goals and tasks;
  • provide officials of the Association with information required for fulfilment of the Association goals and tasks;
  • fulfil in good faith the instructions of the Association management bodies;
  • pay target contributions and membership fees in the manner and amount defined by the decisions of the authorized bodies.